Lloyd Yates, is a singer-songwriter and a life long surfer. He grew up on the surf laden beaches of St Ouen, Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

He has travelled the world in search of inspiration & waves. 

Along with his band, Mehdi Padidar, Alex Moody, Polo Olivier & Jay 'Sasuage' Shaughnessy he has gone on to build a growing fan-base with his emotional performances and songs inspired by Family and the landscapes and cities he's encountered during his journeys around the globe.

Lloyd's debut release "Bring Back the Life" received 10/10 and 4 star reviews, national airplay and critical acclaim from various DJ's, taste makers and music sites (Press).

The band continue to impress audiences and writers alike at venues across Europe & the UK. They have appeared at festivals such as Bestival, Isle of White, Barn On The Farm, Radio 2's Hyde Park 'Festival in a Day', Boardmasters, Camp Bestival, Electric Beach and many, many others. These experiences have propelled the band into the consciousness of entirely new audiences and all who see them describe the live experience as something to behold.

An EP featuring his live session for BBC Radio One recorded at Maida Vale Studios is due for release in 2015 and the long awaited first Album will follow later in the year.

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"When I write it's a form of expression, a way to tell myself what's going on in my life.  But once that process is done, I like to believe they are not mine anymore and people can believe and do what they want with them.  I love music that travels, its a sign of passion and truth. Our style will be as progressive as our lives, and its the intention we hold that allows it to travel."